Weekend Workshops with @cYogaLab’s Carmen Aguilar

This weekend I got the honor to attend 4 yoga workshops with Instagram, and real life yoga teacher, Carmen Aguilar. She runs an Instagram account, @cyogalab, where she leads monthly yoga challenges that are very powerful in drawing participation and helping people see physical improvement in their yoga journeys.

I, myself, have participated in many of Carmen’s IG yoga challenges and have seen so much growth in my splits, my handstand, my backbends, and much more. When my friend told me that Carmen was coming to the SF Bay Area, I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to join her weekend of workshops hosted at Vibe Yoga.

The weekend consisted of 4 workshops focusing on Inversions & Arm Balances, Wheel Pose, Transitions and Linking Poses, and Shoulders & Backbends. It was a very physically involved weekend as we tried many new poses. Carmen and her husband/teaching assistant were so great at guiding us safely into poses and teaching us how to go deeper with integrity, as opposed to flashiness. We worked a lot on Handstand, Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand) and Chin Stand.

My personal favorite workshop, was the one for Wheel Pose, because Carmen taught us how to do drop backs at the wall. I haven’t tried to do this since I was little because it hasn’t seemed possible, but with Carmen’s guidance and preparatory poses everyone in the room was able to drop slowly, from standing, into a backbend by walking our hands down the wall.

It was a truly inspirational weekend. The thing that stuck with me the most, is how important it is to seek motivation and inspiration from teachers you connect with and trust. Carmen and Moises both have such caring hearts and great senses of humor. They work together so well to create a safe, supportive and motivational atmosphere. I think everyone tried something new, gained a better knowledge of yoga and felt connected to community in the workshops this weekend. In such a short amount of time, the people who attended felt like friends and family to me. I hope to have bottled up some of that positive energy to share with the friends, students, teachers and strangers who I connect with.

Thank you Vibe Yoga for hosting this event. And big thanks to Carmen and Moises for coming to share with us.

To follow Carmen’s Instagram challenges, find her account here. Her husband Moises is a designer and makes the cutest characters for their home studio’s merchandise. You can find his adorable t-shirts here.

Vibe Yoga has weekly classes and occasional workshops. If you are in the Bay Area and looking for an inviting community to practice yoga with, check out Vibe Yoga!

Have a lovely week my friends,



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