How to Begin Meditation

The science is there. Meditation is great. It boosts our moods, reveals our confidence, improves our relationships, upgrades our ability to focus and create, and heightens our over all health.

So why is it so hard to begin? It can be hard to start a regular meditation practice, but I have no doubt that once you start to learn and experience the goodness of meditation for yourself, it’ll become a habit you crave like your morning cup of coffee or vacation time.

I am a regular enjoyer of meditation, and here, I offer several ways to learn and begin mediation that have helped me.

1) Read a book

To gain more knowledge of the benefits of meditation, it is great to read the research.

I recommended a couple of books:

“Search Inside Yourself” was written by one of Google’s earliest engineers, Chade-Meng Tan. This book offers both scientific evidence backing meditation, and a method for enhancing your emotional intelligence in life and at work.

“Mindfulness is Better Than Chocolate” by David Michie teaches us to appreciate the present moment and find relief from distraction.

2) Pick a regular time and commit

One common setback for beginning meditation, is finding the time or remembering to do it everday. Start small. Set aside 10 minutes at the same time everyday. Let’s say you wake up, and for 10 minutes after you go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, you sit, you meditate, and after that you can go eat breakfast. 🙌 Doing it at the same time everyday will help make it routine. You might even find you look forward to it.

3) Don’t overcommit

Another setback can be getting overly eager and committing to too much too soon. Instead of kicking off your life of meditation with a 30 minute session everyday, set aside 5-10 minutes everyday. As you get used to this new routine, gradually increase your time. As you progress, if you only have time for that 5-10 minutes one day, do that instead of nothing at all. 👊

4) Use an app

I use the HeadSpace app to do my guided meditation everyday. I like this app because it tracks my hours spent meditating, how many days in a row, and also has many different themed guided meditation journeys. Currently, I am doing 10 days of happiness.

There are many apps for free or for purchase out there. Check your app store and find one you like!

So this is my list. I really believe in the power of thoughts. I think we can find more satisfaction in life when we are present and clear. I hope this list will help you start receiving the benefits mediation and mindfulness practices have to offer.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Does this help? Do you have anything you would add?

Love always,



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