Hydrate Yourself

Sip by S'well

Water is vital to our health and happiness. But it can be so hard to properly hydrate. I make these posts based on what I need to hear myself. 🙈 These tips help me keep water in my body and energy rocking all day long.

1) Invest in a water bottle you like! Aesthetics are important to me. I’m more excited to use and take my water bottle with me when I like the one I’m carrying. Find one that fits your style. Maybe fill it with stickers that are meaningful. They’re like water bottle tattoos. 🖖 Here are a few nice bottles to check out.

Sip by S’well


2) Flavor your water! It takes a bit of (easy) prep work, but it is so worth the effort. Cut up some colorful and juicy fruits like watermelon, peach, strawberries, etc. Put them in pitcher with water and any herbs you like (Rosemary, basil, mint). If you fill a big pitcher, it’ll last you all day. And anytime you need to refill you’re water bottle, it’ll be more tempting.

3) Download an app to remind you to water yourself. Many apps will send you a notification reminder, as well as let you track how much water you’ve had. Find one you like in your app store! Here is a recommendation.

Hydration App – Water Drink Reminder

4) Start your day with water – Drink two glasses of water before you eat breakfast. Try it and see what happens. Starting positive might set the pace for staying hydrated all day. And if nothing else, you got 16+ ounces in in the morning. 💁

If you’re looking to add more water into your life try these tips. Pay attention to how it makes you feel. 🙂 Let me know in the comments below what else you do to stay hydrated. Happy water drinking!




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