7 ways to feel good in Fall


As we head into fall where I live in Northern California, we experience a shift in weather. This week it’s rainy, it’s cold and for many this can bring a shift in mood.

If you’re like me, the weather change can make you want to stay inside curled up under a sea of blankets with a cup of hot tea. A little if this feels great, but a lot of this makes me restless.

In an effort to combat stagnation in autumn, I’ve made a list of ways I like to stay active and social during the colder months. I hope you find a few ideas that resonate with you!

1) Game night with friends – I’m doing this tonight! 🙌 Get a good group of people together. Order in pizza. And have fun sharing company.

2) Go hiking – If autumn is rainy where you live, you might have to be strategic about this one. But staying active helps keep the body releasing positive endorphins. Spending time in nature will help you stay fresh and satisfied.

3) Take a studio yoga class or yoga in your living room with me through my YouTube channel: Yoga With Bri!

4) Bake! My friend Alyse and I just made vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and all week, I’ve been sharing the batch with friends I see. Everyone wins. 🖖
5) Phone a friend – staying at home can be a good opportunity to reconnect with friends or family who live farther away, and you don’t get to connect with on as regular of a basis.

6) Pick up a new hobby at home – It’s fun to learn new things. Our minds benefit when we keep expanding them to new levels. Is there an instrument, language, or style of dance you’ve wanted to learn??

7) Rest – Listen to your body and mind when you’re feeling you do need to stay in. Fall and winter can be excellent times for reflection, journaling, Netflix binges, reading, making music, taking baths and making dinner at home.

I hope you can move into the weekend with a positive mindset. 😚




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