Yoga at Philz?!

Its true. ✨ During hibernation this winter, I’ve been diligently collaborating with my pal (and store manager of Philz in Sunnyvale) Cari, to design a weekly community yoga class at Philz for the people. For ALL people.

This is not just any class. After Philz closes each Tuesday, we will clear space to meet together for a yoga class. I’ll guide you through a flow by candlelight, to music. After yoga, we will hold space for community art.

Cari and I have been putting our heads together to make this a welcoming, creative gathering. So come! Meet with good people. Loosen up with yoga and invite your creativity as we share inspiration and elevate each other through movement, music, and art.

When: Every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.

Where: Philz Sunnyvale, 125 S Frances St, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Who: You and your friends. This class is for anyone new to yoga or years in. The non-flexible and flexible alike. For the people who want to feel good and empowered.

Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. A blanket and/or sweater. 🙂

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