Meditation for Energy

Hey there 🙂

Check out our new meditation video to reenergize yo’self.

In this video, we will travel up through the chakras to get our wheels of energy moving. When you find yourself getting in your own way, this meditation will help you move through the blockages holding you back from accomplishing the things that matter to you most.

We all deal with bouts of lethargy or stagnation, but don’t stay down. The power to flip it around is in your hands.

I have no doubt we can get back on track. You’re already hella rocking your way on the path to spaciousness and change by seeking out ways to care for you. In this week’s meditation, we’ll continue to balance out by slowing down and breathing deeper to move out old/make way for new. You are the space you crave. Let’s allow it to unfold.

A few extra tips for dealing with stagnation:

1) Drink water. Right now. Do it. I took a sip after writing it to walk the talk. 😉

2) Speaking of walks, take yourself on a walk. A bit of movement does wonders for our ability to feel at ease in our bodies. To feel spacious, you gotta own your right to take up space. ✊🏼 More on this soon.

3) Do something just for you. What do you crave? A bath, a cookie, a phone call to a dear friend. Do the thing you need with tenderness to yourself and notice how it makes you feel.

I have exciting things coming up with the channel including a membership site where we can dig a little deeper and grow together. Stay tuned by signing up for the newsletter on the home page. <3

Let’s go.




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