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A warm hello, my friend, and welcome to Yoga with Bri! My name is Bri. I started yoga in 2009 as a way to improve my strength and flexibility for competitive running. As I continued to take classes, I realized that yoga is much more than a physical practice, but an art of finding balance. Through unity of body, mind and breath, yoga helps the practitioner be present in the moment both on and off the mat. I approach yoga with a sense of curiosity and playfulness, and I enjoy sharing that same sense of fun and exploration with my students.

I believe our journeys are meant to be shared. In my class, you will feel a strong sense of community as we move, breath and laugh together. I invite you to check out my schedule to join me for a public class. Check out my YouTube videos, so we can develop a home yoga practice together. You can also find me on Instagram, @brianadeckard, for regular motivation to get on your mat as well as to participate in the yoga challenges I host to help you move forward in your practice and unite with other yogis who want to support you in your journey! Prizes are available through these challenges.

Sponsors – If you have a product you’d like to share during one of these challenges to support a yogi and raise awareness of your sweet brand, you can connect with me here about collaborating. YOU help these yoga challenges happen and we appreciate you. 🙂 You can contact me here

Enjoy your time exploring the site and keep it interactive by sharing your thoughts and requests via the comment boxes.

Let’s grow something together.

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