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NEW Complete Beginner’s Meditation

Hey there 😃 Welcome back. Every Monday, I share a new Meditation on my YouTube channel, Move with Bri. This week’s Meditation is a great one to do if you are new to Meditation or have been wanting to try it out. Most of us are aware that Meditation benefits our physical and mental health […]


Baked Oatmeal 🍌🍓 VLOG & Recipe

Oatmeal. ✊🏼 The breakfast staple that is yummy, versatile, and healthy. Every week on Move with Bri, I share new Yoga flows, Meditations and Workouts but today I shared a special “Bake with Me” Vlog. Join me and my friend Julia in our bright and homey Northern California kitchen to make Strawberry Banana Baked Oatmeal! […]