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This weekend, my friends and I went to a yoga class in a new brewery in San Jose. The one hour yoga class followed by beer and hanging out, was hosted by Downward Drinking Dog at Hapa’s Brewery.


I loved the event because it was such a good way to keep yoga fun and lighthearted, as well as bring together a great group of people. Seasoned yogis as well as people who had never tried yoga before, came to the class and had fun! We smiled. We did yoga. We made new friends. We had a free beer. We ate at the food truck. Everyone felt the good spirit.

Downward Drinking Dog was confounded by Lori and Patrick, who are pictured below. Say hello and chat with them when you go to one of these events! I was happy to meet them. These guys have a great intention of simply making yoga fun and accessible to anyone (over 21, haha), and inviting together a positive community.

They host this kind of thing in different drinking venues nearly every weekend. Check out their website to find an event that you can join! I think you’ll have fun.

If you live near San Jose, I also recommend checking out Hapa’s. The brewery is casual and modern warehouse. It was a fun setting for yoga, but also an excellent place to spend a couple of hours having beers with friends on the weekend. I’m going back.