Howdy friends and happy New Year!

I hope you woke up properly hydrated and ready to rock in 2017! But if you are like me, you probably woke up a bit late and with a headache…..

The last few years, New Years Day has become one of my favorite times of year. It is a lovely time to reflect on gratitude and set a few intentions for things you would like to create. A tradition I’ve picked up for myself is to write a letter of encouragement to myself on January 1, seal it and date it to be opened the following January. I just opened my 2016 letter and man, oh man, did I predict some big things would happen. What’s even bigger is man, oh man, how those things happened! and even more!!

When we write down things that we want to create and accomplish, it gives us power to make those things happen. From my own experience, I find when I write down an intention, I suddenly have direction. When I have direction, I seek out the smaller opportunities that will help me reach my bigger dreams. A cool thing about writing intentions and having direction is, then you have the ability to communicate your desires to other people. When you share your intentions with others they encourage you. They root for you. And if they can, they help you!

Are you sold? Are you ready to manifest your dreams? Can I get a “hell yeah!” Great! Let’s do it together. Now.

Grab a pen and paper. Write: Gratitude. Now list 5-10 (or 100! JK. Kind of.) things that you are currently grateful for. Right on. Under that write: Intentions. Take a pause here. Maybe even close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths allowing your gratitude list from above to sit as a smile on your mouth. Now draw attention to what you could do to be the happiest version of yourself. Don’t allow any judgment to attach to these thoughts. Just notice what things come to mind. Now write! Write at least three things that are going to make you the happiest version of yourself. Done. That’s its. That truly it. It’s out there. And now you can just let it happen. Bonus points, though, if you tell a friend. 😉

I love you guys. I look forward to us creating rad things.

I invite you to comment below. Let’s start a conversation. Let’s support each other as we head in to a new year with direction and goals. Hell yeah.

Love always,


Well hello dear friend! And welcome to my blog. My name is Bri and I am a woman living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I find joy in connecting with friends, traveling, creating cute watercolor designs, practicing and teaching yoga, and finding alone time to balance, ground, and reflect.

I am on a journey. I am always learning from others and getting new inspiration from the friends and role models in my life. I hope to share that with you here. We are all on personal journies, and I believe that sharing our journies with each other is a beautiful and bold way to grow.

I look forward to cultivating this as a space where we can inspire each other, grow together and witness the impact that community has on elevating ourselves and others on a big scale. Let’s stay connected. Lets grow. Let’s start something mind blowingly transformational.

love always,