Let’s face it. It can be so easy to put on your shoes, do the run, and then come home to take of your shoes and let your feet breath, all the time neglecting to stretch the sweet muscles that worked so hard for you during your run, practice, or jog.

I know I have woken up the day after a run and only then realized my muscles were stiff. And I’ve also had the thought before that “tight muscles are just part of running”.

The good new is, you don’t have to accept stiff muscles as part of being a runner, and in fact, adding stretching to your routine can greatly improve your performance if you are an athlete! Spending just a little bit of time stretching before and after a casual jog can be the difference of feeling tight and sore to feeling long, lithe, and energized. Give me that latter please. 😝

So what do you say? Will you join me for a stretch?!

I designed 2 NEW videos for my YouTube channel: Move with Bri that will support you in adding stretching to your routine. I’ve taken the hard work out of figuring out what you should do or how long you should do it, and provide you with a simple yet super effective PRE-RUN Yoga sequence and POST RUN Yoga stretch.

Head to my channel and start adding these two short and sweet stretch sequences every time you put on your shoes to hit the pavement. I hope you enjoy and these support you well!

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A NEW 10 Minute Workout is up for you on YouTube: Move with Bri!

This one is a quick and effective way to lift and tone the butt, as well as firm up and define your core muscles! I combined some of my favorite glute and core activation exercises in this workout so that the time flies even though you are working hard. 💪

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Let’s GO!

A little bit goes a long way and that is why I created this 7 Day Yoga Challenge on my YouTube Channel Move with Bri. I wanted to help you spend 15-40 minutes on your Yoga mat every day for one week to see how transformative that time can be. In the course of a week, you will start to feel the benefits of regularly dedicated time to your movement practice.

Yoga undeniably has benefits for the body’s strength, flexibility and balance; and also has emotional and mental benefits that can truly change your life. What do you say to 7 Days of FREE guided Yoga that will help you begin to experience more ease, balance and happiness in your life? Click the video below to begin Day 1 of your 7 Day Yoga Journey “Movement Is Medicine” and find the link to the full 7 Day playlist that is on YouTube below! Please make sure to SUBSCRIBE to Move with Bri on YouTube for updates when I release new content as well as to support my channel and help my content rise to the top.

I put my heart and soul into creating this challenge as a way to benefit all levels of Yogis who desire to create positive change in their own life that will ripple effect to the lives around them. I truly hope you enjoy this journey. Leave me a comment below the video on YouTube each day of the challenge after you finish to let me know how it went. I love hearing from you and reading your comments. I’ll talk to you soon.


Find the full 7 Day Challenge playlist here!