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This post is part of a new series I’m bringing you on yoga you can do at work. If you frequently sit at a desk or in a car, then I’m writing this series for you!

With much experience teaching yoga in the Bay Area’s corporate and tech scenes, I have learned that there are several key areas of the body that are begging to move and groove when we spend a lot of time seated at a computer. The good news is, you don’t have to commit a 60 minute chunk of time to benefit from some good ole yoga at work. Although that’d be great, you can also do 5-10 minute excercises near your desk that hit areas that can use to move. Keep returning to this series to continue to find gold. Lets begin!

3 key areas: Feet, chest & Shoulders

Today I bring you a few areas that are requested often in my corporate yoga classes.

Feet: Most of us wear shoes all day. You might even where heels which can put some different stresses on your feet. Regardless of what kicks you’re rocking, slip them off for 5-10 minutes every day and move your feet! You can even do one barefoot at a time if two feels way too reckless. Foot strength and flexibility play a huge role in our hip and lower back health. Feet are the foundation for the rest of the body and a strong supportive foundation sets you up for some happy hips and a healthy spine.


1) Roll a ball under your foot. I recommend Yoga Tune Up Balls.

If you don’t want to buy them, the texture and resistance of a tennis ball will work fine! Rolling a ball under your foot will bring blood flow into the tissues as well as allow you to utilize and strenghthen muscles that have been stagnant. Go side to side under the ball of your foot for 1 minute. Roll up & down both the inner and outer arches of your feet for 1 minute each.

2) Put the ball aside. Make slow circles with your ankles feeling, out all of the edges of your range of motion. Over time, you’ll probably notice your range of motion get bigger. Bonus points if you write a fun message in the air with your toes……..

Chest: Especially if you type at a computer, the shoulders are most often in a rounded forward position and the chest is hollowed.

Exercise: Stand up. Interlace your hands behind your back. If that isn’t possible hold a strap or hand towel between the hands. Now roll your shoulder blades down your back to broaden the chest. Hold here for 5 deep, slow breaths, feeling the expansion across your chest and collarbones. Release and roll the shoulders up and forward a few times. Now repeat a second time. This time, reverse which pinky is on top of your interlocked hands. For more, on this second round really connect your feet to the ground (stay barefoot if you want!), stand up tall and look up toward the ceiling. Make sure to keep the shoulders back, the chest open and lifted and the breathing deep. Juicy.

Shoulders: That previous exercise was really chest and shoulders, so consider this bonus. 😉

1) Eagle Arms or Shoulder hug. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees so you fingers are pointing to the ceiling. Cross your right elbow over the left. Place the back of your hands, or palms, together. Now gently roll the shoulders back to keep a broad and active chest. Lift your elbows to be in line with the shoulders and gently press the forearms away from your face Begin spreading the shoulder blades apart on your upper back. Make sure to keep the arms active, even through the fingers, by extending fingertips to the ceiling. Hold for 5 deep breaths release and do a few gentle neck rolls before repeating on the other side. The breath is key, so keep it deep and lovely. If this exercise isn’t possible, or highly uncomfortable, grab opposite shoulders instead like your giving yourself a hug. Still take those 5 breaths.

I hope you enjoy the series. For more, check out the YouTube channel. Yoga with Bri. I’ll be adding some “Yoga at Work” videos soon. Always comment below with your requests. I want to know what you want to see. Keep the conversation going!

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Greetings my friends,

By request, I’ve uploaded a video for Sun Salutations to my YouTube channel “Foundations of Yoga with Bri“. This is a great sequence to warm the body up and get moving in the beginning of the day, as well as a nice way to unwind in the evening.

I encourage you to head over to the channel. Follow along once through if you’re learning the sequence. If you’ve been practicing yoga frequently, follow along several times through to continue to strengthen the body and deepen the breath.

Let me know what other videos you’d like to see by leaving a note in the comments section of the video. If you enjoy the practice subscribe to the channel and we will grow something sweet. Thank you for watching! You are awesome.

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Ho there friend,

If you’ve been following my Instagram account, @brianadeckard, you know I’m all about hosting and participating in yoga challenges as a way to grow my yoga practice and connect with other encouraging yogis.

#Yoga4Unity is the most recent challenge I joined. It runs for 10 days, January 10-20, and is themed around unity. Although I’m keeping busy as a host of #ArtsyAsanas Yoga Challenge and participating in #StartWithSplits, I felt very strongly about joining this one. The theme speaks to me, because I believe unity is the magic that our yoga practice is made of. Yoga begins as a way for any human to find unity with their own person. As you begin a yoga journey, you notice subtly changes. You begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin. You find it easier to move your body, as all the pieces begin to work together, as one unit. You begin to feel more confident because your body and mind team up to win. When we have unity and peace with ourselves, we begin to empathize with others. We begin to want the best for our neighbors, our co-workers, our cashiers… when we feel for others and seek to lift each other up, we bridge gaps of divide and find a greater sense of purpose.

#Yoga4Unity Yoga Challenge holds a theme each day that relates to unity.

Day 1 – Serve Others
Day 2 – Show Compassion
Day 3 – Seek to Understand
Day 4 – Lift Others
Day 5 – Let it Go
Day 6 – Respect
Day 7 – Kindness
Day 8 – Listen
Day 9 – Acceptance
Day 10- Peaceful Communication

I will be posting an Instagram yoga photo and caption each day of the challenge. I invite you to follow along on Instagram or better yet, join me for these 10 days by posting your own Instagram photos and thoughts on the theme. If you don’t use Instagram, I’d still love to hear what you have to say about the power of unity. What does unity mean to you? Which themes are resonating with you? Share below. I want to talk. 🙂


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