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Headstand Tips and Tricks

Join me in this free Yoga video to learn how to do 2 different variations of Headstand. "Why practice headstand?" you might wonder. Because it's...

Learn Pigeon Pose – Yoga Video

Hey there. I hope your day is going well! If it's not, I think this stretch might help bring a bit of pep to your...

Free Yoga – Down Dog – Foundations

Join me in learning the foundational Yoga Pose, Downward Facing Dog. This is a pose you will do in almost any yoga class you attend....

Yogi Squat – YouTube Video

Hey there pal! This free yoga video teaches you Malasana Pose or Yogi Squat. Yogi Squat is great for strengthening the calves, knees, quads, hips and...

Yoga for Wrist Pain – Yoga Video

This yoga video will help you relieve wrist pain as we stretch and strengthen the wrists together. In this video, I show you many...

Free Yoga Video for Detox and Digestion

Hey there! I'm so happy to bring you your free weekly yoga video on the "Yoga with Bri" YouTube Channel. This weeks video is...

Yoga for Hips – Yoga Video

Howdy friends! I am happy to share with you my latest yoga video, "Yoga for Hips". This video was a request from a friend...

Puppy Pose – Beginner’s Yoga Video

Puppy Pose is an excellent yoga pose to open your shoulders, lengthen your spine, and ease pain in the lower back. I created a...

Sun Salutations YouTube Yoga

Greetings my friends, By request, I've uploaded a video for Sun Salutations to my YouTube channel "Foundations of Yoga with Bri". This is a great...

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