Howdy friends! I am happy to share with you my latest yoga video, “Yoga for Hips“. This video was a request from a friend who is working towards Full Lotus. Lotus requires a great deal of hip flexibility, so I created this video to show you how you can work on opening the hips.

You don’t have to be working on Lotus Pose to benefit from this video. The poses we do together here, also help you relieve lower back and hip pain and create more strength in those areas. Keep returning to the video and practice these poses often to receive the awesome benefits. Over time, you will feel free and easy in your movement.

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Here is the name and description of the poses we will do in the video:
Supined Cobbler’s Pose – Lie down. Bring the soles of the feet together​ with the knees bent. Allow the hips to relax and the knees to fall open towards the ground. Take 10 deep breaths.

Lizard Pose – Come to a runner’s lunge with the right foot forward. Bring your palms to the inside of your right foot. Back knee can be lifted or lower it for a deeper stretch. Make sure to keep the hips square and sinking forward. To go even deeper bring the forearms down with the elbows inline with the right heel and your palms flat on the ground.

Pigeon Pose – Bring your right knee to the ground with your shin parallel to the top edge of your mat (If that doesn’t happen no worries. These things take time!) Walk your left toes straight back behind you with the top of the foot in the mat. I recommend placing a block under your right hip to keep the hips square. Avoid leaning to the right. Bring your forearms to the ground. To go deeper, walk the hands forward and rest the chest over the front shin. Take at least 10 deep breaths.

Fire Log – from a seated position bring your right shin parallel to the edge of your mat. Stack your left heel over the right knee and your left knee over the right heel. Flex the feet so that the knee doesn’t take pressure. Place a block between the left knee and right ankle if there is a big gap. Sit tall for 10 deep breaths.

Frog Pose – Come to the hands and knees. Start to walk the knees out to the sides and bring the inside edges of the feet and shins to the mat. Keep the shins parallel so that the knees and heels are in line with each other. You could draw a rectangle between them. Slightly tuck the tailbone so you take the dip out of the lower back and gently engage the lower abs. Hold for 10 deep breaths. To come out be careful. This is a deep stretch. Bring the big toes together walk the knees back in and just sit for a few breaths.




Puppy Pose is an excellent yoga pose to open your shoulders, lengthen your spine, and ease pain in the lower back. I created a short “How To” video for Puppy Pose on YouTube, so you can start receiving these sweet benefits. Head to the channel, Yoga With Bri, and let’s start learning. 🤗 A written description of the pose can be found in the description beneath the video on YouTube and below here.

To do Puppy Pose: Come to your hands and knees. Stack your hips over your knees. Press your shins and tops of feet into the ground. Keep your hands shoulder distance apart and walk them forward until your forehead comes to the ground. If the shoulders aren’t as open, place a yoga block or large book under the forehead. Avoid letting your back arch and your belly/ribs thrust forward to the ground. Keep a long straight spine. Take 10+ breaths here for sweet benefits.

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Greetings my friends,

By request, I’ve uploaded a video for Sun Salutations to my YouTube channel “Foundations of Yoga with Bri“. This is a great sequence to warm the body up and get moving in the beginning of the day, as well as a nice way to unwind in the evening.

I encourage you to head over to the channel. Follow along once through if you’re learning the sequence. If you’ve been practicing yoga frequently, follow along several times through to continue to strengthen the body and deepen the breath.

Let me know what other videos you’d like to see by leaving a note in the comments section of the video. If you enjoy the practice subscribe to the channel and we will grow something sweet. Thank you for watching! You are awesome.

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