Join me in learning the foundational Yoga Pose, Downward Facing Dog.

This is a pose you will do in almost any yoga class you attend. It’s also a pose that is usually assumed that you know. Since it doesn’t always get much explanation in class, I have broken it down for you here in this video. Anyone can benefit from learning more about Down Dog, so hop into something comfy and lets begin!

A few main things I want you to take away are:
1) Firmly ground your hands and feet down – even press into the knuckles and fingerprints to take pressure out of the writs.
2) Send your hips high and your heels down. Don’t worry if the heels don’t touch yet, or the knees are bent. Just keep breathing and practicing.
3) Keep the back straight – better to have a long spine and bent knees than the other way around.
4) Have fun! If it’s not fun come down. Take a dance break and try again with deep breaths.

Practice the pose often and discover more flexibility in the legs, ankles, shoulders and back. You will also get the benefits of strong wrists and shoulders. Repeat the video often. The more you practice, the better it’ll feel. I always love seeing the improvement in the feeling when I practice a pose regularly.

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