In my nook of the world, that is California Bay Area, we’ve been experiencing lots of cold weather and rain lately. ☔🤷

If I’m going to be snuggled inside, I prefer to have a warm cup of homemade love to sip on. 🙂

Here are two easy, delicious recipes (that are also abundantly rich in nutrients!) that I’ve concocted this winter. And by “this winter”, I mean yesterday and today. Haha.

1) Spicy Hot CocoaIngredients: • Cacao powder • Cayenne pepper • Black peppercorn • Turmeric • Ground ginger • Almond milk

Directions: While boiling water in a kettle, add all dry ingredients to your mug. • Use 1 tbs. of Cacao powder and a sprinkle of each other ingredient. Don’t fret about precision. Keep it light and fun! • Fill the cup 1/8 with boiled water and stir/whisk ingredients. • Add more water until the mug is about 2/3 full. • Top with almond milk and sip with love. 💖

2) Golden MilkIngredients: Turmeric, Black peppercorn, Ground ginger, Ground cloves, Almond milk, sesame oil.

Directions: In a sauce pan, begin to heat a mugs worth of almond milk. • Add 1 tsp. of sesame oil, 1-2 tsp of turmeric, 1 tsp of both ginger and cloves, and a dash of peppercorn. • Whisk gently. But. Rapidly. • Pour into your favorite mug and appreciate the steam rising of that gold color.

I hope you enjoy the drinks as much as I do! Not only are they yummy, but turmeric when combined with any oil and black peppercorn is more more easily absorbed into the bloodstream by the lymphatic system. 🙌 Turmeric and ginger both have anti inflammatory benefits. And ginger stokes digestion, helps congestion and improves our brain function!

If you like these, you can find more recipes on my blog. Here is one for smoothie bowls.

Take care of you. <3