Hey there. I hope your day is going well! If it’s not, I think this stretch might help bring a bit of pep to your step. This video will teach you more about Pigeon Pose.

Pigeon Pose is a great way to open the hips, quads and lower back. If you are a cyclist, runner or work at a desk, this pose is great for you, because we put the back hip in extension. It is a counter pose to our typical position of flexing at the hip. You’ll also get a nice booty stretch for the hip attached to the front leg. Make sure to do this pose with me on both sides, and to pay attention to, and deepen, your breath.

This video was a request (shout out to Ronda) who wants to learn King Pigeon. In this video, we do a slight back bend before reclining into Pigeon. This backbend is a way to open the abdomen, chest and throat. Pigeon is a preparation Pose for King Pigeon. The slight back bend not only feels nice, but also preps the body for the deep back bend in King Pigeon, by allowing you to get more comfortable with opening the front side of the body.

Let’s do it together! Hop into something comfortable and we will begin.

I hope you enjoy. If you have questions about the pose or requests for future videos comment below.

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Keep practicing this pose everyday or a few times a week to see progress and get the maximum benefits. Have a great rest of your week!