I’m a huge Shakira fan. The woman’s hip mobility and dance skills are fantastic – Regardless of whether you want to be able to do amazing hip isolating dances, or you just want to feel free and easy when you sit, walk and move, we can all benefit from some good ole hip lovin’. This article will teach you yoga poses to do at work to help your hips.

In my corporate yoga classes, I often get requests for poses to help with hip pain. Whether or not you sit at a desk for work, we all occasionally 😉 sit on a couch or in a car. Overtime, this leaves the hips feeling neglected.

Three things we are going to do is strengthen, open (external rotation) and close (internal rotation) the hips. To gain flexibility and functionality of our hips, we need to practice postures that open and close the hips, as well as give full rotation of the hip socket. Begin to think of your hip as a ball and socket (which it is!), instead of a hinge joint (which it starts to resemble as we use our hips less).

Put your computer in sleep mode for 10 minutes. Slip off your shoes and let’s begin.

Strength: Eagle Legs

This pose is double bang for your buck! It’ll give you both strength and internal rotation. By internally rotating the hip, you are putting the hip in a “closed” position. By practicing both internal and external rotation you will increase your range of motion in the joint.

1) stand on your right foot. Draw the left knee into the chest.

2) Stack your left knee on top of the right as you begin to bend both knees and sink the hips down (like your sitting in a chair with your knees stacked). Gently squeeze the legs towards each other.

3)If you find it hard to balance leave the left toes grazing the floor and put your hand on a wall for support. As you gain more stability, hover the left toes over the floor. As you gain more hip flexibility, wrap the left toes behind the right calf. Don’t feel like you need to rush that step. Most importantly keep the hips level. Avoid dropping the right hip.

4) Keep the hips sinking down and the back straight for 5 deep breaths. Then come out of the pose stand on both feet for moment to reground yourself. Repeat on the other side, yo.

bonus points if you incorporate in the Eagle Arm pose from last week.

Open (External Rotation): Cobbler’s Pose

1) Sit on the ground with the soles of your feet together.

2) Bend the knees and let them fall toward the ground.

3) Sit up tall and take 5-10 deep & lovely breaths. Come out gently by placing the hands behind the thighs and using them for support to close the legs together. Take a moment before repeating a second time.

The key here is to try and relax the hips so gravity can do the work of helping you release the tension. Instead of stretching the hips think of releasing muscle. The longer you can stay here he better!

Close (Internal Rotation): Cow Face Legs

1) Sit on the floor and stack your right knee on top of the left. Your feet will rest on the floor by your hips. Make sure your butt is connected firmly to the ground.

2) Sit up tall to lengthen your spine. To deepen the posture you can begin to fold forward, if you can keep the butt planted down.

3) Ttake 5-10 deep breaths. Stand up, wiggle the hips a bit, and then go drink some water.

Keep checking in for more tips on Yoga you can do at work. Whether or not you work at a computer, these poses will help you find ease in your body when you practice them regularly! For more yoga poses find me on YouTube at Yoga with Bri.