Hey there! I’m so happy you are learning Handstand. Handstand is both fun and challenging, and is a teacher of many things. I designed this 10 day challenge to share with you exercises and tips that have been extremely beneficial in my own journey to Handstand. Each day, you will find the exercises on my Instagram, as well as a fully guided video on YouTube.

Today is Day 1 and we are taking it to the roots. The foundation. The hands!

Our focus here is hands and wrists. To have a stable handstand, you must have awareness of your base. Today’s exercises will bring a lot of attention to those hand joints that do so much for us throughout the day.

As you go through this journey, stay mindful of your experience. I am here to support you along the way. Comment below the videos to share your experience and see how it is going for others. You might learn from the other participants too! Whether or not you are interested in learning handstand, the exercises I share will help you gain more strength, balance and flexibility to feel your best. Thank you for sharing this 10 days of growth and learning.