In January, I participated in a 15 day Yoga Challenge on Instagram to work on my splits.

Below, I have laid out the 15 day program with links to the pose/description by the challenge hosts. Whether you want to work on accomplishing or even improving your splits, this is a great way to get you moving forward. Practicing these poses regularly will not only help you into splits, but also relieve tightness in the hamstrings, lower back and hips.

Follow along to this 15 day program to improve. I recommend doing a quick warm up each day and holding the pose of the day 10-15 deep breaths, two times. Let’s begin!

Have fun with this! Be patient with your body and honor where you are at. If you’re pose seems far from where the hosts are, remember that it is a journey of discovering what the body can do. Not forcing a certain shape. Stay consistent and you will progress.

I look forward to hearing about how it goes. Please share your journey in the comments below! You can also share pictures of your daily poses on Instagram with the hashtag #YogaChallengeWithBri, so we can support you in your quest for splits!

This challenge, #StartWithSplits was hosted & sponsored by @yogaluls @hollapop @summerperez and @wanderyogi & @aloyoga @liforme @infinitystrap and @toesox.

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