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This week’s flow is the 3rd video of a 3 Part “Yoga for Beginners” Series that I started for my dad on October 30, 2019! Please welcome “Yoga for Complete Beginners” to the robust and growing library of content on Move with Bri. Head on over to try it out for yourself!

This 3rd video builds on the “breath and movement connection” which we establish in the first two videos, and features foundational Yoga poses that we learned alignment for in Part 1 and 2. This Part 3 moves at a fluid, but manageable, pace so you can showcase to yourSELF everything you learned in this series! ⭐️ This sequence is your chance to shine and feel the confidence of maintaining a slow and rhythmic breath, while challenging your body to hold and move through poses with the integrity of each posture’s alignment! I have no doubt you are going to enjoy this one.

If you missed Parts 1 & 2, make sure to check them out on the channel as well. I have linked the playlist at the end.

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The full “Yoga for Beginners” series playlist can be found here .

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Hey there! I’m so happy to bring you your free weekly yoga video on the “Yoga with Bri” YouTube Channel. This weeks video is a 20 minute sequence for detox and digestion. You might have read my post about my coffee detox, so I felt this video fit the theme. 😉

In this video, we will find a bit of sweat and twist to get the body moving and flowing. This yoga video will help boost your mood and cleanse your body & mind of stagnation. Whether your feeling lazy, a bit down, or full and bloated, this video will help you refresh and start new.

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Puppy Pose is an excellent yoga pose to open your shoulders, lengthen your spine, and ease pain in the lower back. I created a short “How To” video for Puppy Pose on YouTube, so you can start receiving these sweet benefits. Head to the channel, Yoga With Bri, and let’s start learning. 🤗 A written description of the pose can be found in the description beneath the video on YouTube and below here.

To do Puppy Pose: Come to your hands and knees. Stack your hips over your knees. Press your shins and tops of feet into the ground. Keep your hands shoulder distance apart and walk them forward until your forehead comes to the ground. If the shoulders aren’t as open, place a yoga block or large book under the forehead. Avoid letting your back arch and your belly/ribs thrust forward to the ground. Keep a long straight spine. Take 10+ breaths here for sweet benefits.

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