I truly love teaming up with fellow yogis on Instagram to lead yoga challenges. It’s cool to see people come together for 10 days and push themselves to try new things, while also encouraging their fellow participants.

Me and my fellow hosts have chosen the winners for #ArtsyAsanas Yoga Challenge! You guys all rocked, which made it so hard to choose winners! Thank you to all of you for sharing your creativity and encouragement while playing.

Congratulations Winners! 🎉 You are listed next to your corresponding sponsor who will provide your prize.
@sparklepriestess – @awaykco
@dat_magic_bro – @arthleticwear
@rockabetty25 – @spirituallysavvyllc
@thetwelfthouse – @stickybesocks
@midmodyoga – @stickybesocks
@beach_mama2 – @stickybesocks
Follow me on Instagram to hear about more challenges. I’d love to have you join the fun! And, stay tuned for a round 2 of #ArtsyAsanas in the coming months. 😘