After I participated in @catbradleyyoga’s Yoga Challenge, #CatsWheelSeries, to improve my Wheel Pose, many people expressed interest in learning more about Wheel as well. Below are the poses that host, @catbradleyyoga (Lorraine Bradley), gave us to work on during this 10 day challenge.

This is a great program for you if you are wanting to learn more about back bends, open your shoulders and hips and strengthen the muscles in your back. I encourage you to do this same program by doing one pose a day. You don’t have to spend 20-60 minutes doing yoga each day. Although that is great if you can, doing a quick warm up (Sun Salutations are good for this) and then holding the pose of the day for 5-10 breaths, two times will help with progression. For bonus work you can also do a few additional poses Lorraine offered which fit the theme of each day.

Without further ado, here are you poses. Follow the links to see the poses and descriptions by our Instagram host @catbradleyyoga:

This challenge is good for learning Wheel Pose for the first time or gaining a better understanding of deep backbends. Do the best you can and don’t give up! Being consistent pays off. This was my second challenge hosted by @catbradleyyoga. My first was her Series on Forearm Stand. Both times, I have been really happy with the guidance and practice she gives me in different areas of my physical yoga practice. I’d love to hear how it goes for you! Leave comments below to share your progress while doing this program for Wheel Pose.

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