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This free yoga video teaches you Malasana Pose or Yogi Squat.

Yogi Squat is great for strengthening the calves, knees, quads, hips and lower back. If you suffer from lower back pain, this video might be just what you need. Follow along to it and repeat it often, so you can start to receive the many benefits of practicing Malasana.

Our lower backs and hips get weak over time from sitting with poor posture. We begin to experience all sorts of pains. In the cultures that many of us live in, we have to sit often. We sit at desks, in cars, on couches, at dinner tables. Practicing Yogi Squat regularly will relieve pain in the hips and back, improve digestion, strengthen the lower body, and promote healthy knee joints. If you’re pregnant this is also a great prenatal yoga pose!

In the video, I explain that to do squat you:

  1. start with the feet wider than hip distance.
  2. Bring your hips down between the heels and your hands to heart center. Straighten your back.
  3. Lift your sternum towards your thumbs as you drop your hips down.
  4. Try to relax here as your breath 10 deep breaths. If the heels are lifted, you can place a rolled up blanket or towel beneath the heels. Make sure to keep your breathing steady and even.
  5. To release, I like to place my hands down and lift my hips to come to a wide legged forward fold.

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